June 24, 2024

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Required Maintenance of Air Cooled Units

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Maintenance Task1st 25 Hours and at 100 HoursEvery 24 HoursEvery 24 hours or 6 MonthsEvery 200 HoursEvery 2 Years
Check Engine Oil
Notes 2,3
Change Engine Oil and Filter
Adjust Engine Valve Clearance
Notes 1,6

Notes 1,6
Replace Engine Air Filter
Note 4

Note 4
Clean and Check Starting Battery
Clean Slip Rings
Note 7
Complete System Test
Note 5,6

Note 5,6
1. Perform sooner if engine performance deteriorates.
2. Perform more often when operating in high temperature conditions.
3. Check daily during power outages, or monthly without power outages.
4. Perform more often when operating in dusty conditions.
5. See the automatic transfer switch manual for testing of load transfer.
6. Must be performed by a qualified service technician (authorized Cummins Inc. service provider).
7. Clean slip rings with an approved tool, 3M Scotch Bright pads Maroon (Grit Equiv. 360- 400) OR 3M Three-M-ite 400 grit cloth.

A “New Event” screen appears and the yellow service LED turns on whenever one of the following scheduled maintenance time periods occurs:

1. First 25 hours of generator set running
2. First 100 hours of generator set running
3. After the first 100 hours, every 200 hours of generator set running

Press the BACK button to turn off the light and return to the home screen. See the “Fault” and “New Event” Screens section for more information.

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